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  •  Watch TV on-the-go, on your laptop or PocketPC, from anywhere, anytime

  •  Smaller video file size means easier to manage

  •  Archive full movies on a single inexpensive CD-R/CD-RW blank media

  •  VCR replacement, complement, or as a backup

  •  Skip TV commercials

  •  Backup precious home videos using highly compressed WM9 codec (format)

  •  Surveillance recording and archiving.


Ideal Usage:


Watch TV on-the-go - since file size is small, you can quickly copy from your desktop to your networked laptop or notebook computers and watch TV while traveling or commuting on the train, airplane, ferry, etc. Plus, you can watch from your Pocket PC.


Archiving - if your computer can handle 700kbs using Windows Media 8 format, you can archive 2 hours of good quality video on a single inexpensive CD-R/CD-RW


VCR Replacement - with 10GB disk space, you can record about 40 hours of video (based on 500kbs). Watch TV when you want, where you want, and skip commercials too.


Usage Scenarios...




Recording with Windows Media 9 codecs (Format) without installing Windows Media Encoder 9!








February 14, 2004

New  release version 1.1.214h

Includes detachable and resizable TV Window. Details...


December 8, 2003






This software provides a simple easy-to-use scheduler for the Windows Media Encoder (WME). Your computer can function as a   Digital VCR with greater flexibility. More...


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Yahoo! TV Electronic Program Guide (EPG) enabled! This means support for international regions! Logins/accounts are optional or have it personalized. You have the freedom of choice. Yaaahoooo!!!


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